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Sun Fade Protection Films
Your Vista® & Llumar® reflective films will:
Lifetime Warranty Vista® & Llumar® films carry a Lifetime Manufacturers warranty that covers both material and labor against defects for as long as you own and reside in your residence.
Maintain solar reflective properties, without crazing, cracking or peeling.
Maintain adhesive properties without blistering bubbling or delaminating from the glass
7 year warranty for low E Silver, reflective bronze and gray color films
5 year warranty for deluxe Gray, Bronze and Green film, Reflective blue and gold films also.
5 year warranty on NRM Matte Films, UVCL Products
Commercial installations
- 15 year warranty on silver reflective film and neutral films.
Residentil Warranty
Residential installations
- Lifetime warranty
Commercial Warranty
Window Films screen out the sun with it’s ultraviolet absorbers in the adhesives and film, giving you the best protection in the industry.