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The Flexible Alternative

Reconfiguring an office area, upgrading to a more upscale appearance or simply a new tenant, employee or owner can create a design challenge.

Etched glass panels provide a beautiful means of creating an entirely new environment. They are however, very, very expensive, and cannot be changed once etched.

The solution… Llumar Specialty Films give the appearance of expensive etched glass, yet provides you with that flexibility to change. The film can be removed and replaced (with no damage to the glass) to update an old design, accommodate a new person in that space, or simply because you want a different design or pattern.

Patterned & custom cut glass treatment
Customized Logos/Signage
Office Partitions
Glass tables, cabinets, even shower doors
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Window Films screen out the sun with it’s ultraviolet absorbers in the adhesives and film, giving you the best protection in the industry.