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Thousands of today’s professional, commercial, and retail buildings feature more windows, atriums, and skylights than ever in their open architecture. More glass means there’s a greater chance that the sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays will cause serious damage to furnishings, and impose more discomfort on employees, tenants, and customers.

Vista Premium Window Film is a protective micro-thin layer of film, bonded together by strong adhesives, designed to shield your space from the intense heat, glare and fading of the sun.

It reduces heat gain by as much as 79%, offering you significant savings on your energy costs.
It improves tenant comfort, reducing complaints and saving you time that you would use to deal with those complaints.
It provides a comfortable, safe, and productive working environment.
It reduces glare by up to 87% making computer screens easier to read, reducing eyestrain.
It gives your building a clean uniform look from the exterior that is usually not possible because partially opened drapes and blinds, and windowsill clutter is visible.
It reduces UVA and UVB penetration by 99.9%, protecting not only your furnishings, but the people inside too.
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Window Films screen out the sun with it’s ultraviolet absorbers in the adhesives and film, giving you the best protection in the industry.